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Are your home repair projects starting to pile up? Fox Valley Home Remodeling offers General Handyman services at 630-528-2284 that you can rely on regardless of where in your home the work is needed:

Bathrooms. Bathrooms are a center of activity for any household and you want everything in good working order: outlets, faucets, toilets, showers, tubs, fixtures, vent fans and more. Whatever repairs you need for your bathroom we’ll be there on schedule and perform quality work that’s sure to meet your satisfaction.


We get the job done!

Basements. If you need flooring, drywall installation or laundry room solutions you can always rely on our General Handyman services. Or if you’re thinking about turning your basement into an extra room we can help you with design and construction.

Decks and patios. These exterior features need some attention from time to time to maintain their condition and keep them looking good. Our General Handyman services can fix failing deck boards, railings, damaged patio bricks, concrete, stones, tile and other structural issues that affecting the use, safety or appearances of your patio or deck.

Kitchen repairs. Frustrated with a leaky faucet? Ready to install new cabinets? Our General Handyman services can handle any major or minor kitchen project. Let us take care of those repairs so you can get back to your busy schedule!

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A home’s living room and dining room should be comfortable for family events while also appealing visually when guests arrive.

Our General Handyman services are there with solutions that keep these rooms functional and looking good.



Most homeowners use their garage for a lot more than just a place to park their vehicles. A garage can serve as a workspace, storage area, a home office or even as a fitness center.

Regardless of how you use your garage, we can help if you need repairs to the door, the lighting, the electricity or the windows. We can also repaint your garage and perform other upgrades.


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